Much has changed since Helmer Raphael founded Raphael and Raphael more than 70 years ago. The business world has become more complex and our clients have much more diverse needs than in the past. In order to meet those needs, we have evolved into a firm offering comprehensive tax services, auditing, consulting and personal financial planning services. By utilizing new techniques and technologies, we have been able to provide excellent services efficiently and affordably to our clients.

Yet even in the face of these changes, one aspect of our firm has remained constant throughout the years - our commitment to service. This commitment stems from Raphael and Raphael's philosophy that the best way for us to succeed is to help our clients succeed. We realize that we must give our best to each and every client, without exception, by providing excellent, timely and affordable service. It is this realization that has enabled our firm to attract and retain our clients, many of them for three generations.

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last 70 years. We expect to see many more changes in the years ahead, and as always we will continue to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.


You're Unique, We're Flexible

Every individual and every business is different, which means we must be flexible in the way we provide our services. Whether a client requires step-by-step guidance on a critical matter or just a quick word of advice, we tailor our work to the client's needs. Our firm is large enough that we have the resources available to help clients with large and complex projects, yet small enough that we provide personalized service.

Good To See You Again

Raphael and Raphael has exceptionally low employee turnover. Therefore, our clients benefit from seeing the same faces from year to year, instead of an endless parade of new staff accountants. This continuity of service allows us to better understand our clients and their businesses and thus provide more valuable service.

Timing Is Everything

"I need it yesterday!" is a common refrain in today's business environment. While we cannot turn the clock back, we can turn around our clients' work quickly and efficiently. Our experienced staff is the key, since more experience means less time to get the job done. In addition, we have a streamlined organizational structure, so that any difficulties which might arise are promptly resolved.


Maximizing Your Wealth

At Raphael and Raphael, we see our mission as helping our clients maximize their after-tax income. Therefore, we do more than provide our clients with an onslaught of numbers. We provide them with practical, useful advice to help them run their businesses more profitably and manage their personal finances more effectively. In other words, we act not only as accountants but as financial and business advisors as well.

An Investment in Experience

One of our firm's strength's is the diverse backgrounds of many of our accountants. We are not just "number crunchers" – we are C.P.A.'s, attorneys, M.B.A.'s, and former business people. Our collective experience allows us to deal with our client's financial issues in creative and resourceful ways.

Of course, it is also helps that our partners have more than a century of combined experience and have faced a tremendous array of tax and accounting challenges, from structuring business deals to representing clients before the I.R.S. All in all, we feel that our experience enables us to provide our clients with truly valuable advice.

Teaming Together

Because of our firm's size, we are able to work together as a team, to draw on one another's opinions and expertise. Initially, each client is assigned to the most appropriate professional for its particular situation. However, our entire staff, including our senior partners, is always available to help any client in any way possible.


Money Well Spent

Raphael and Raphael's fees are competitive because we invest in good people to improve our productivity and in innovative technology to improve our efficiency. Our experience in business has taught us that investments like these are worth making, while other costs should be avoided. Our clients have learned the same lessons about their own businesses. We respect their opinions about what services they need and which ones they do not. It is our firm's policy never to foist unnecessary services on any client, but rather to always work within the client's budget and perform only those services the client needs and wants.

The Best Service Can Be Free

Over the past half century, we have developed a tremendous number of business relationship that help our clients. When appropriate, we call upon our contact in other professions – from attorneys to bankers to insurance agents – so that we can better serve our clients. We also often introduce our clients to potential customers or sources of financing. It is networking at its best.